4 budget friendly getaway destinations for your honeymoon

Going for a vacation after a fruitful wedding is very important. You need to ensure that you pay a visit to a getaway destination that is affordable and the one that suits your budget. Honeymoon vacation offers you an opportunity to explore a place with your lover.

With a variety of options for honeymoon places to visit, it can be difficult to choose the best destination to travel to that will allow you to accomplish your personal goals and fulfillment.It is crucial to plan in advance to your place for a honeymoon prior to your wedding.

Before you choose a place to visit for your honeymoon, there are certain things you need to look for in a place as you make a well-informed decision for your vacation. These considerations include:
• The atmosphere of the place
• Accommodation expenses
• Places of attractions
• Hotels and restaurants plus the food they provide
• Your budget

The following cost-effective places are wantaway destinations for your honeymoon.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting nation in South Asia. Relaxing on serene beaches and touring tea plantations may be the best things to do during a honeymoon. Visiting these places is affordable and pleasurable. Beautiful attraction sites like Buddhist ruins, exploring Yala National Park, surfing and sunning at Arugam Bay are just part of the thing you can’t afford missing while in Sri Lanka. Not to mention, the scenic train from Kandy to Ella that allows you to view the green landscape of the surrounding of Sri Lanka. This is the place to make you have an experience of its kind.


Paying a visit to this country is inexpensive. The country is fairly small and therefore exploring most parts of this country is very easy. Here, you can rent a vehicle for around $10 for a whole day. As you drive, you can get a chance to pay a visit to the Sintra medieval castles. You can as well explore Porto, Lisbon and the River of Doura for a very cheap price(about $18). Portugal is a place where lovers can wander comfortably at an affordable cost.

Sicily, Italy

Here, you can easily avoid large crowds by hiring a fiat or a sporty Peugeot for about $30 per day. With this, you and your lover can trace a route across the coast of turquoise, admire islands ruins of the ancient mosaics and temples. You only need $36 to view Mount Etna. The cultural relevance and strong history of Portugal suit your budget for a honeymoon.

Peloponnese, Greece

This place is a getaway destination for your honeymoon. You can tour Peloponnese peninsula for an affordable price. It is a quiet free paradise where you can have vibrant sunsets and sugary white beaches of Greece where you can get a memorable experience. You can also visit Diros caves for about $14 per person.

A honeymoon is a great experience that you can enjoy at a budget-friendly cost. Once you reach a destination for your honeymoon you can rent a car 24 hour to avoid any inconvenience.