Best Winter Activities to Try

Winter has a thousand things to enjoy inside and outside the home with children! Take advantage and treasure the most beautiful memories. How will you move from place to place without using rental24h car rental services? It seems impossible. rental24h are the best car rental services provider in the market.

Do you know all the things that can be done in winter with children? It is a time that offers wonders, discover them!

Outdoor activities to do as a family:

Go to the snow

A winter classic! To ski, or just play with the snow and pull with a sled down a gentle slope. Yes, well wrapped, with proper shoes and clothes that do not stall. When in our city it is not usual for snow, we can always schedule an excursion to the nearest mountain or mountain and spend the day there. Do not forget to bring a thermos with a hot drink and a change of clothes for the return.

Make a snowman.

With its carrot nose, chestnut eyes, a hat and a scarf … you can also put buttons on the chest as if wearing a suit, and branches that replace arms. It’s quite an experience!

Play in the rain.

We agree that the windy and more unpleasant days do not feel like going out, but after the storm comes calm, and when the rain is mild, go down to the street with good boots and a raincoat is the most fun. 

Running in the rain and splashing in the puddles without worries, is a great experience for children, why do not you join? 

Walk with something hot, typical of winter are the positions of chestnuts, or ears of corn. There is nothing more comforting than walking through the city when it’s cold, warm and warm, it’s a plan for families, couples and that you can also enjoy alone.

Ice skating, if you’re lucky, on a frozen lake in a winter landscape. If not, a covered track, or one of the artificial ice that temporarily put in the center of the cities. It’s magic!

Rent a snowmobile, and experience what it feels like to cross the freshly fallen snow on a motorbike on the most beautiful routes! This is not done every day. 

Go to the zoo or a theme park without waiting for lines.

The parks have discounts and special activities in winter. See the Siberian tigers and panda bears enjoying the snow and more active than ever makes the ride worthwhile!

Indoor activities to enjoy with children

Go to churrería first thing, for breakfast and snack hot chocolate with churros. And if the churros do not like you, how about a homemade sponge cake to change a little? The itinerant churrerías are one of the sweetest classics of the season and take a family chocolate one of the most comforting indoor activities.

Camping in the living room

Set up a tent, a fort under the big table with some sheets, or if you fit, set up the tent or a teepee. Let the children play camp and spend the night sleeping there, with their blankets and pillows, their lanterns and their games. The imagination is very powerful, and they will remember this activity all their lives. 

Movie afternoons and stories, in summer you want to go out and be outside, but winter is another thing. The thematic evenings of movies and stories are very fun as a family, you can put on a movie saga and disguise yourself with old clothes or paint your face. A marathon of documentaries or your favorite series will also fix any winter day in which bad weather is the perfect excuse to rest warm at home.

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