Tips That Will Make Your Traveling Cheap

There are many ways you can reduce travel costs, but instead of looking at the obvious, such as cheap hotels, looking for lucrative travel packages, we’ll look at the little tricks that can save you enough money to afford a trip Try to rent a car 24 hrs in order to at least minimize your travel budget.


They are an inevitable evil when traveling because you have to bring something home for yourself and for people at home, but they are not cheap. The biggest mistake is that many people buy this nonsense in tourist places where they cost the most. My suggestion would be to buy souvenirs away from tourist places. Basically, a few hundred meters walk or main street is very important for your money. If you want to buy something that you cannot resist – try to bargain.


The same rules apply here. Eating in or near tourist places is always more expensive and not always better. Other places to avoid while traveling are gas stations and roadside restaurants or cafes because food in these places is more expensive and usually garbage.


If you travel with a limited budget, there is absolutely no taxi. Instead, use public transport, or rental car – it is much cheaper and not so bad. First of all, traveling by public transport gives a good idea about the culture, people and traditions of countries.


Basically, you do not need them because you have to pay for them. In many popular places visited by tourists will be available free audio guides or brochures, in which everything is recorded, including free. When traveling around cities, tourists often rent a city guide, but again a good book, such as Lonely Planet or any other guide, will do the job for much less money.


A tout is a person who invites you to shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. In the third world countries, this is a general irritation. The reason why you should avoid these offers is that shopkeepers and other companies pay them a commission for customers. As a result, you will pay more for the same as usual. Therefore, when you are asked to visit the store, please reject the invitation.

Traveling on a tight budget does not mean it is worse than traveling with a lot of money. The extra money you will save by following these tips will be useful when booking a better hotel, extending travel and getting more pleasure for less money. To rent a car 24 hrs will help you to save a lot of money when traveling to various places.